Remittance Inward Remittance Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan residents who are overseas remitters may send money to our bank, which serves as the receiving bank, via electronic transfer, demand draft, or mail transfer. The receiving bank then disburses the money to the intended recipient in accordance with instructions from the remitting bank. Outward Remittance Through

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Traveller’s Cheques

Traveller’s Cheques A traveller’s check issued by WRCB is insured against loss, theft, and damage. Since the 19th century, travellers’ checks have provided a safe alternative to carrying cash when travelling abroad. Users can exchange their cheques for cash in the destination currency at any major bank, and each cheque has a distinct serial number.

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Letter of Guarantee

Letter of Guarantee Delivery on performance bonds, bid bonds, prepayment bonds, quality guarantees, and lease guarantees.

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Forward Deals

Forward Deals A designated bank and a domestic company enter into a forward FX contract under a forward agreement to specify the foreign currency and exchange rate to be used to settle the underlying transaction, as well as the transaction’s value and tenor. The transaction is finalized on the day of delivery using the agreed-upon

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Buying and Selling Government Bonds, Financial Bonds

Buying and Selling Government Bonds, Financial Bonds The third-largest bond market in the world is in Hong Kong. Because you would be funding development initiatives that stimulate economic growth, investing in Chinese bonds is a lose-lose proposition. The government is backing this low-risk investment. By doing this, your chances of getting your money returned increase. Buy

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Agent Collection Money and Insurance Agency Business

Agent Collection Money and Insurance Agency Business From life and health insurance to auto, property, and business coverage, WRCB offers a broad selection of insurance products. You will be able to access all of your financial products through a single online site if you buy your insurance from WRCB, and you will also get consolidated

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Insurance Home Insurance Comprehensive cover Competitive price Extra discounts Travel Insurance Superb value Comprehensive cover Single-trip option Multi-trip option Mortgage Repayment Cover Single cover Joint cover Disability Involuntary unemployment Personal Payment Protect repayments Disability (accident & sickness) Critical illness/major injury Compulsory redundancy Credit Card Payment Protection Protect repayments Options available Purchase protection Life Choice Complete

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Import Business Activities

Import Business Activities The three payment methods generally adopted in international trade settlement are remittance, collection and letter of credit (L/C). Among them, the L/C is the most common and the most valuable financing method. The L/C is a bank credit where the issuing bank is the obligor in the case of importer default, serving

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International Settlement

International Settlement The inward remittance, outward remittance, issuance of letter of credit, inward collection, outward collection, advising of letter of credit, negotiation of an export letter of credit, confirmation and transfer of letter of credit, bill purchase under import letter of credit, cross-border RMB transaction, and forward purchase and sale of foreign currencies.

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International Trade Financing

International Trade Financing Purchase of import and export bills, packaging loans, export invoice discounts, financing of purchase orders, and forfeiture.

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Engage in Bank Card Business

Engage in Bank Card Business A WRCB debit card allows you fast and convenient access to your checking and savings accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also do transactions at thousands of ATM machines by withdrawing cash from checking or savings, transferring funds between accounts or inquiring on your account

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Private Banking

Private Banking We offer private banking services to give tailormade solutions to various needs of high net worth and other individual customers, using our trust and other functions. Our private bankers are committed to putting customers first and providing the best financial products for them by customizing financial services in cooperation with our dedicated fund-management

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